Thank you for showing up for you. I'm so glad you are here. Because the world needs you to step into your fullness, your wholeness, your radiance, your beauty, your feminine wisdom. The world needs you to realize that you can use everything that you are to your advantage. The work I do has been birthed through my own healing, inner alchemy and self-love work {read more about my journey here}. And here is what I know: 





Working with a mentor can be life-changing, incredibly healing, and fun! Throughout my own journey, I have worked with several mentors and it has helped me step into my own fullness, and much deeper awakenings than I could have on my own. There is something invaluable about having someone that supports you, that understands where you are at in your life, and that offers fresh perspectives on what you have been struggling with. What you can expect from 1:1 mentoring:

▷ Feeling comfortable in your body, confident about who you are and why you are here

▷ Knowing how to embrace, accept, allow and love all parts of you, including the things you don’t love

▷ Learning to manifest & magnetize your desires and visions with ease, from your heart

▷ How to handle your 'small self', that tells you that you can’t have what you want or you’re not good enough etc.

▷ You will start to embrace the lessons in your life: you will realize that whatever is happening is happening for you

▷ How to use your energy intentionally and keeping it with yourself, instead of letting it drain and let the external influence you


"Maggie was invaluable in not only answering my questions but also in helping me tap into my inner confidence and showing me different ways I can connect closer to the moon and Goddess through tarot readings, journaling, intention setting, rituals and mentoring sessions. We have been working together on a regular basis for a few months now and I am so much more confident now in my journey which I attribute directly to Maggie and the fabulous guidance and coaching she has given me. She is fabulous, you will not regret working with her!" ~ Madelaine

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~ 3 Month Private Mentoring

~ 6 Month Private Mentoring


~ 9 Month Business Birthing {APPLY BELOW FOR DETAILS}

During the 3 or 6 months together, you will receive 2 1-hour sessions a month with me. In between the sessions, there will be assignments and practices {this is where the magic happens as you integrate what we are working on into your daily life}. You also have the opportunity to reach out to me by email or WhatsApp for support at any time.


"Maggie is very insightful and supportive. She brings a fresh perspective to the obstacles we deal with in life. Her spot on wisdom is always delivered in an upbeat, positive, sincere and gentle way. She is naturally attuned to the mystical and steers her focus to explore all the unique possibilities of any given situation or problem. Because of this, she is a wonderful mentor and confidant. She is passionate about sharing the knowledge of personal power and harmonizing with the natural cycles found in creation as a means to live as a true goddess, the way nature intended!" ~ Lisa


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In a Yoni Crystal Session, you will learn:

  • How to get started with a yoni crystal

  • Beautiful practices you can do to boost your self love

  • How a yoni crystal can heal your body image and self worth

  • Why body work is the foundation for everything else in your life

You will receive:

  • A yoni crystal picked out for you, shipped to your home

  • A 90 minute session with me for deeper healing and to get you set up with your own unique self love practice

Investment: $150 including crystal, $100 excluding crystal

Follow the button below to schedule your session. Make sure to include your address as well and I will be in touch with you.