Priestess of Artemis Course - Maggie's Wisdom Circle

We have been waiting for you. The teachings of the Temple of Artemis have re-awakened in you and you are ready for remembering. Allow yourself to be held for this ancient wisdom to resurface through the archetypes of Her ~ the Earth Goddess, the Mother Goddess, the Moon Goddess.

As we sit in circle for 8 weeks together you will be guided to reconnect with your inner wisdom, your intuition, your creatrix powers. We will do this by diving deeper into the archetypes of Artemis, that we ALL embody in our daily lives. This sacred offering is for you to remember and step into our ancient powers…and powers meaning the best, loving, compassionate way of the word. We will do this through ritual, sacred practices and LOVE.

This sacred offering will help you remember on a deeper level the ease and simplicity of spirituality, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the archetypes of Artemis within all of us. We all have our own unique medicine and it is time for expression.


I want to help you remember and reawaken the powerful creatrix you are


To be a Priestess is to embody wholeness, stillness, connection. A Priestess embodies the void, the inner black hole, where everything IS, where the potential resides, where she receives. Receiving others in her depth, her presence. It is from this wholeness, that things can just be. It just is. She says what needs to be said, with compassion and love. This is her power center, the void from which she creates. Nurtures, inspires, acts, visions, listens, takes purposeful action, heals, loves, embraces others in her protective yet freeing hug. This is not to be confused with weakness. A Priestess radiates wholeness and divine receptivity, she knows the laws of the universe and how to work with them to mend and bend the fluid energies of reality. She gives fear a loving hug. She wears her shadows as her cloak. She understands her inner being, her power, her purpose. She stands as a pillar between the Divine and the Earth, here to bring forth the ancient gifts humanity and the planet so desperately need right now.

“Maggie, I just want to say how amazing the first week of the Artemis Journey is going for me. I also want to highly recommend it to any other women. If you are new to this whole concept of what a Priestess actually is, or even if you already know, the first workshop is full of history and meaning. I’m drunk on the information, I can’t even put it into an intelligible synopsis, and I have considered myself quite enlightened and educated up to this point in my 48 years of living! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Lisa




The Warrior

Honoring the light and dark, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within us and in everything around us. Being a warrior means drawing strength from the balance of polarities.


The Nurturer

We fill up our own cup first so we can nourish ourselves and others more authentically. We'll discuss how the Moon cycles, that we so beautifully embody, can act as an external template to our internal world.


The Lover of the Self 

We're de-mystifying Ritual and Ceremony, feeling into self-love, sacred pleasure and our sensuality. This workshop is about developing your own rituals and nourishment practices, embracing and honoring all parts of you.



We're following Artemis' footsteps of independence and choose ourselves first, fully. We will work with the lower chakras in this workshop and feel into fear and not good enough vs. feeling worthy and whole.



Arching our bows, aiming our arrows towards what we desire and who we choose to be. We are saying "YES" and will learn how to effectively plant sacred seeds. 



We're now ready to receive the sacred gifts and harvest our sacred seeds we planted! We do this by creating voids, stillness within ourselves, quieting the chatter and surrendering to where the arrow we shot with Artemis will exactly land.


The Wild 

Ah, the Wild. Time to release any fears or shame around being a wild woman, around feeding our fire...we learn the difference between our Darkness and our Shadow Self. This is Artemis running through the deep woods, howling with the wolves. 



“God” was female for at least the first 200,000 years of human life on earth. The Goddess was worshiped in temples, sacred circles and daily lives all over the world. We are here to remember the harmony, the balance, the practices, the honoring. To understand the energetic forces we are all involved in. And to play.


The 8 workshops will be sent out to you right away, to go through at your own pace. I recommend embodying 1 workshop a week. The workshops include meditations, for you to embody and feel into the topics covered, homework, sacred practices, e-books & guides, and journaling questions for you to journey deeper within. These weeks together will be filled with story, ceremony and ancient teachings, to develop or deepen your own unique spiritual practices. You will also have access to 5 Artemis Rituals / Ceremonial Workshops.

You will receive 8 workshops. 8, the symbol of infinity, the sacred snake. The circle that has no end. The point that breathes itself into a Universe, and back again. We are embodying Shakti. 

Priestess of Artemis

How it works

As soon as you decide to enter the Artemis Temple, you will receive access to all workshops, homework, practices and meditations. You can go through each of the modules at your own pace. I recommend doing one module a week, for a total of eight weeks. 


Enter the temple... 




Priestess mentorship option

I'm honored to give you to option for private mentorship sessions with me. This is for you if you are ready to grow, evolve and step a lot deeper into who you are as a woman, a Goddess, a Priestess... You are ready to show up and rise, in whatever way that will mean to you on your unique path. Together, we will face your deepest self, embrace the shadows, all while you are being held by me always. Ready to step out of your comfort zone and put these sacred Artemis tools and practices to work? Then I'd love to be your mentor. With this mentorship package, you will receive 2 monthly 1-hour sessions for 2 months.



what the experience is like...


"I just wanted to thank you again for our amazing calls! I went into it not quite knowing what to expect and feeling rather lost and messy and came out of it with a handful of ideas and actions I could take right away to get things moving AND the confidence to go ahead and do them! Maggie has a positive energy that instills trust and a sense of ease right from the start which I think is what allowed me to go so deep in such a short time. What a gift!" ~ Margo

"I highly recommend Maggie as a spiritual guide, coach and moon wisdom teacher to anyone who is looking for guidance or more knowledge and understanding of the moon, her cycles and how they relate to our feminine aspects as women, goddess archetypes, tarot teachings and overall spiritual coaching and guidance and so much more. I reached out to Maggie after reading a beautiful piece she wrote about her experiences with Artemis that really resonated with me. I was newer in my spiritual journey and had a lot of questions. Maggie was invaluable in not only answering my questions but also in helping me tap into my inner confidence and showing me different ways I can connect closer to the moon and Goddess through tarot readings, journaling, intention setting, rituals and ceremonies. We have been working together on a regular basis for a few months now and I am so much more confident now in my journey which I attribute directly to Maggie and the fabulous guidance and coaching she has given me. She is fabulous, you will not regret working with this sweet, sweet sister!" ~ M.


Priestess of Artemis