The Year of Re-Emerging

2018 was a year of ups and downs. I’ve seen it in your stories too: a year of transformation, of setbacks, of growth, but also expansion, magic and joy. 

For me personally, it was a year of re-emerging. 

Where I felt the need to withdraw the last few years, now I feel more comfortable showing up again, for life, friends, my gifts, my intentions.

Where I thought I could do it all, and was ready to hold space, Kali Ma swept that away and made me go deeper into my Why. Why am I doing what I’m doing, why do I have these visions and desires? What’s the bigger picture? I had to dig deeper, and realize that these will always be ongoing questions. 

I’ve had my ultimate sheer panic, having no income moment, where now I feel so much better about money; as a beautiful gift that I get to let move through me. It’s now actually starting to be fun for me to pay off the little debt I have, save more and invest. 

I got to travel to Mexico, which had been a dream for a while. Through some setbacks but ultimately so much growth, I emerged myself in the Divine Feminine frequency that I found in the lush jungle, the waters, and within myself.

The underlying truth that helped me through these few things that happened for me (I have countless more examples besides these three): TRUST

We are all here wanting to experience life, born with a desire to breath the air on this planet. We didn’t have to do anything to prove that we are good enough and worthy enough to draw these breaths, right? We trust that the next breath will come after our exhales, and they do. Every time. 

It’s the same with life, with things we would like to see in our lives, with dreams, desires, intentions, wishes. When I started to trust more and more, in Source, the Universe, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, within and without - I didn’t need to DO more, or hustle, or take more coursers or certifications or work harder. In the deeper place of trust, I didn’t come from a place of lack, but from a place of fullness, because I trust in life a little more every day. 

And UGH, life is SO beautiful 🖤 

Even though trusting is still a daily practice of mine, I’m sharing this wisdom + lots more in my upcoming group+private 3 Month Program that starts again on July 1st. The waitlist is now open and you can find more details here. There’s only space for 5 women so make sure to get on the waitlist to receive additional details soon!

Emerging from the Womb of the Earth {in a Cave in Mexico}

Cenote Post.png

These images were taken a little bit after re-emerging out of the womb of the Earth. 

This part of Mexico has underground rivers and waterways, that have emerged to the surface in several spots over time. These cenotes, or water holes, are the veins of the earth, and deeply nourishing. Some of them are above ground, some are very deep and underground. 

Most people visit them, swim, take pictures, and leave. 

I wanted a deeper experience. 

I found a beautiful local teacher/therapist who offers mindfulness and meditations in the middle of the jungle.

So there I was. 

About to go down super steep steps, into an underground cave. All we had was flashlights. We were going to swim in this cave, very slowly, taking our time. 

I’m terrified of water. I don’t know why, but ever since I was little I’m scared of water and not being able to breath. I have regular nightmares about tsunami’s crashing over me, or high tides coming in very quickly. Maybe it has to do with strong emotions, or resistance to surrendering, or maybe I was drowned in a past life ~ I don’t know. 

But there I was, swimming in a completely dark cave. 

I knew I was here for a reason, so I figured I may as well keep on going, and I did. The flashlight was bright, and the water so crystal clear that as I was swimming, I could see where I was going.

My body was confused by the darkness and warmth of the cave, but cold of the water, and started to panic a little, my chest started to tighten ~ I breathed. 

We would take regular stops and take in the cave, watch the calcites, remember the age of this place, and watch the little fish that spend most of their life in complete darkness, and that now welcomed us, with the light of the flashlights, with open arms. Somehow that comforted me that I was indeed welcome there, that it was okay. They were not scared of me with my light, so I didn’t have to be scared of their home here either. Time slowed down and all we did was breathe. 

The underground cenotes are filled with calcites here, formed by seeping water over thousands and thousands of years. My guide Diane, showed me spider-web like strings hanging in a few spots from the ceiling of the cave. These were baby calcites, slowly being formed by the passing of water along them, and time. These thin, spider-web like calcites were a 100 years old. Already a 100 years old, or only a 100 years old - in perspective of how old these cave systems are, there is no right way to put that! I took it all in.

And then the emotions came. Give yourself enough time to slow down and be present, and any suppressed emotions will rise to the surface. But it wasn’t a bad thing, it was something that I could breath my way through, because here I was, being scared yet completely in awe of the beauty of this place.

And we kept on swimming. And breathing.

We found a beautiful spot to sit on, and here we sat, and meditated. We turned off our flashlights and we just breathed in complete darkness. The air was moist, my skin was damp and didn’t dry because there was next to none air flow, it was warm, and dark. And I felt I was in the womb of the earth. I felt the infinity of this place, of me, of everything. All I could feel was a strong love and calmness, and I felt so safe, in this dark embrace. 

I felt proud of myself for being brave, grateful to have a patient and loving guide with me, and So. Much. Love. 

The way back to the entrance of the cave was much shorter than I had thought. It’s amazing to witness my mind and my own fear trying to make the journey into the cave seem long and difficult - yet the way back was beautiful and short.

We ended our experience at another cenote {the one pictured}, which was above ground, and I felt immediately invited to go into the water. We sat in a beautiful gratitude ceremony with offerings to the elements and to the Earth, the jungle and of course, to the water, for keeping me safe, nourished and alive.

During our ending ceremony, I was actually called to embrace the flow of water. To let go of keeping myself small, to simply be grateful for being alive, and being able to experience life.

I was called to be grateful for my patience with myself, and how kind I was to myself when I was scared in the darkness of the cave. 

And I was called to set the intention to embrace the flow, to be present, and to trust

What My Future Self is Scared of

Today I went on a journey in a guided meditation given to me by one of my mentors. 

Sometimes when we do guided meditations or visualizations, our perspective on something shifts, and it can give us so much clarity, a new sense of direction... it is our inner guidance, our intuition speaking through us while 'away' from our day-to-day reality for a few minutes. 

On this journey, I found myself in a warm and tropical environment, lots of lushness and greenery, I could hear water rushing in the distance, beautiful flowers and birds everywhere... The Earth was vibrating and humming underneath my feet. I stepped into a body of water and felt myself growing wings. With these wings, I was then carrying myself up a beautiful green mountain, and on top of this mountain was a temple. 

In this temple, I was guided to look at myself in a full length mirror. I immediately felt that it was my future self that I was looking at. I was wearing a full length black dress {that I already own!} and had huge golden wings. As I was looking at myself, I felt tremendous, ancient power and STRENGTH surging through my body. I was looking at a Priestess, a fully embodied woman, fearless in the pursuit of being her true self, and fearless in the pursuit of her work here on the Earth. 

Still looking at her through the mirror, the question arose: "What is she afraid of?"

And I felt my future self instinctively replying: "That you won't step up and step into that POWER you can feel now." 

We have a tendency to keep ourselves small. Out of safety, out of fear, out of feelings of not being enough. Once we start remembering why we came here, when we start to realize we chose to come here for a reason bigger than we can imagine with our human minds... there is really no turning back in my experience. Once you know, you know. And whatever is holding you back: your fears, your insecurities, your beautiful ego, your heaviness, becomes a way to step deeper and deeper into alignment of your why, each and every time. It becomes a choice, and you know what to choose. 

We are limitless, free, ancient. Powerful beyond words. We are Magicians.

How can you align with YOUR future self and make her proud? What is the cost of NOT doing this, right now, today? 

This can be very painful and heavy work. But it is in our power too, to transmute that. 

Switch it around. Being grateful that now we KNOW. And grateful that now we can be inspired, driven to move forward, and most importantly, WILLING. 

Is your future self scared of something? How can you let that inspire your present self? 

I am asking myself the question today: "What do I CHOOSE to be?" 

When you are ready and feeling you need guidance through this, I am here for you always. 




Chiron: the Wound that Can't be Healed

Chiron in Greek Mythology, was a centaur: half man, half horse. His mother rejected him because of this. Apollo then came to the rescue, adopted the infant and schooled him in arts, science and mysteries… Chiron is sometimes depicted with bow and arrow, and it is said he was taught archery and hunting skills by Artemis. 


Chiron was accidentally wounded by Herakles in a battle. The wound was poisoned, incurable and Chiron was suffering an unbearable pain, so much so that he begged Zeus to make him mortal. He was willing to give up his immortality because of this wound. Zeus placed him amongst the starts as the Sagittarius constellation. 


Chiron in astrology shows our major life lessons. By looking at where Chiron is in our charts {find out here}, we can see our wounds that can sometimes feel very heavy ~ think of Chiron as the wounded healer. He was dealing with a lot of heavy energy and struggle in his life. Chiron shows our personal wounds, but ALSO the collective wounds. Wherever your Chiron is: this area of your life may feel super heavy because it is almost as if you are carrying the burden of the collective for it. It is not just you ~ and just by being aware of that it lightens the load. 


Chiron has been in Pisces since 2010 and through my own spiritual journey, I got intrigued by this asteroid and what it represents in my chart {I'm a Pisces Sun}. I recently received a Chiron-session from Rebecca Farrar from Wild Witch of the West. Through my own research, intuition, and working with this amazing archetypal astrologer {follow her work!}, I was able to shed so much light on this mysteriousness in my birth chart. 


Chiron is in my 1st house: the house of Self. Chiron weakens our sense of self. Combined with my Sun in Pisces and Moon in Libra - well... this is only amplified in ways that I concern myself about the other person instead of me. Major aha-moment!


Chiron in the 1st house can also show wounds that I don’t feel like I have a clear purpose. My purpose was obviously bringing the energy back to myself and inwards, and using my beautiful Pisces intuition and my KNOWING to be of deep service to others. #ownit


My Chiron is in Cancer. If all that wasn’t enough, Chiron in Cancer shows me fear of abandonment, where I have to mother myself, where I’m not yet meeting my own needs. This is why it feels so amazingly juicy and warm to work with the Great Mother energy, to let myself be embraced by all that is, by the Earth…working on my grounding and feelings of safety and support here on the planet. Through working with the Great Mother, I heal my sense of Self, as well. 


See how we naturally find ways to heal our Chiron wounds? 


There is no formula to healing the Chiron wound, because it cannot be healed. It will come back ~ though we can slowly be okay with it! Through accepting it, we show up as the wounded HEALER. For others, and ourselves. The wound is the medicine itself. Be with the wounds. There is nothing to be fixed, but we are being asked to be comfortable with the parts of us that feel uncomfortable. 


That is where the alchemy happens. 


The beautiful synchronicity here is that Chiron learned archery and hunting from Artemis. 


I learned to embrace my own wounds from Artemis. 


Through recognizing where I can love myself deeper, to aiming my arrow to where I want to go in my life ~ regardless of what others may be doing. Artemis helped me to choose ME, just like she always does for herself. 


That is why I created the 8 week Artemis Journey, to tap into the archetypes of Artemis. For her to help us see ourselves truly, to get back to the essence, and show up how we were TRULY meant to in the world. 



Where is Chiron in your chart? 


The sign Chiron is in represents the “what”, and the house represents the area of your life where this wound may show up the most. Here’s a helpful list from Wild Witch of the West


  • 1st house/Aries/Mars: Difficulty asserting oneself, issues around the way you feel perceived or look, sadness around not feeling fullest potential, lack self-confidence or identity, anger issues, health issues related to head
  • 2nd house/Taurus/Venus: Lack of self-worth, financial fears or difficulties, over-dependence  or fear associated with material comfort, issues of sexual abuse or affection, health issues related to throat/thyroid
  • 3rd house/Gemini/Mercury or Athena: Insecurity around intelligence or communication, speech impediments or dyslexia, not feeling heard, education/learning disabilities
  • 4th house/Cancer/Moon: Sadness around family  of origin, feeling orphaned, emotional wounding, abandonment
  • 5th house/Leo/Sun: Difficulty feeling self-expressed or creative, wanting to be center of attention and feeling afraid, shyness, afraid to shine
  • 6th house/Virgo/Mercury: Health feels impossible, analyzing how to feel whole, feeling that work doesn't matter, feel unable to function in day-to-day activities/life
  • 7th house/Libra/Venus or Astraea: Relationships seem to go wrong, difficulty finding oneself in relating to others or romantic partnership, feeling things aren't fair in relationship or you aren't treated well, putting someone else's needs above yours, dependency on others
  • 8th house/Scorpio/Pluto: Lack of meaning in relationships, power dynamics, death, loss, secrecy, manipulation
  • 9th house/Sagittarius/Jupiter: Religious or philosophical ideals wounding,  insecurity about beliefs or ethics
  • 10th House/Capricorn/Saturn: Difficulty  achieving goals, pain around status in society, proving ones worth through work or career
  • 11th house/Aquarius/Uranus: Disconnected from consciousness, taken for granted in group or organization, uniqueness or contribution not honored, feel uncomfortable in groups, rejected by groups
  • 12th house/Pisces/Neptune: Feeling irrelevant, feel more connected to universal or divine than humanity, stress or overwhelm, feel at odds with human experience

More about Chiron, click here.



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Embracing the Wild Woman

What Artemis taught me is that it is okay to embrace my inner wild woman. The one that longs for walking barefoot in the grass and feeling the mud between her toes. The one that longs to make a mess with paint brushes and then just goes on to make a mess in the kitchen. 


The one that playfully laughs at me thinking I need to be the ‘nice girl’ ~ because what truth can be expressed through that alone? 


My Wild Woman journey consisted mainly of honoring my darkness. The sacred darkness within me, that wants to play, dance, express, be sensual…


And the shadows as well: my shame, my guilt, my fear, my worry, my meanness, and hate. 


The beautiful thing is ~ through honoring the DARKNESS, and playing with her, I started to honor and embrace the shadows as well. 


What makes you feel uncomfortable? Dancing in front of the mirror in your underwear? Expressing what YOU want? Showing your creativity through words, art, food, ritual…? Being truthful about your fears? Learning something new, doing something new, BEING something new ~ your true self? 


Do it. 


Here are a few practices that helped me honor the sacred darkness within me, the sensual seductress Priestess who just wants to play and express herself. 


I wish I could give you a set outline of practices to do to tap into her. 


But you are on your own on discovering what that looks like for you ;) 


Be inspired.


1. Gaia

What personally helped me to tune into my inner Wild Woman, is working with the Earth. The other day, I walked barefoot through the grass and leaves, I sat down on the softness of the Earth {I try to do that every day}…and it helps me feel the wild Earth stirrings rise up through my body. It connects me deeply to all that is. It plugs me in, grounds me, nurtures and nourishes me. Release any fear, heaviness, insecurities, worries into the Earth, for it to be recycled with truth and the vibrant aliveness of her. 



2. Creativity

I never considered myself a creative being, though I have always loved creating things… Until I realized that we are in essence ALWAYS creating. We are always picking up on the potentials within us. This can be anything: painting, meals, writing, journaling, making an offer on your altar, saying a beautiful prayer, creating space in your home, creating an actual baby. Allowing creativity flowing through my life, and seeing what I create as a sacred act of my Shakti wanting to be expressed, makes me feel alive and juicy. 


3. Tantra

Healing my body through sensual energy and pleasure helped me tune into the darker parts of myself. There is a lot of energy stored in our pelvic bowls and at the base of our spines. Sometimes this can feel very heavy or stuck and that results in heaviness and stuckness in other {if not all} areas of our life. We can move that energy by breath {tantra is basically breathing and guiding energy}, but even dancing it out, heck, scream into a pillow if that’s what will release it for you! 

The good, sensual energy that is build up in our pelvic area can be raised and moved through our entire bodies through breath and touch. This generated a lot of love and acceptance and warmth for myself. It healed shame, guilt, unworthiness. It became easier to detach from the shadow side whenever she arises ~ simply starting to see that as a part of me that wants to be loved and accepted too. 

Something simple you could try is standing in front of a mirror and lovingly touch your entire body, very lightly, saying sweet words to yourself. Breath deeply the entire time. You can squeeze your yoni muscles as well to spread that juicy, turned on energy throughout your entire body if that feels good.


4. Gardening

So simple. Get your hands dirty. Grow a tomato plant in your kitchen window if you don’t have a garden. Getting your hands dirty, playing with plants, is nourishing. Even cooking and nourishing yourself through fresh foods and delicious healthy meals can ground you into this. Living on our small farm and playing with the Earth has tuned me deeper into the wildness and oneness of all things. 


5. Vulnerability

This is something I can work on more for myself too ~ being more vulnerable. Show up with an open heart, without expectations. 

I have been trying to keep on focusing my attention inwards and within. I noticed that throughout my life, I was very much influenced by what others were doing and this has been a big part of my journey: what do I want for ME?! When I keep focusing everything back to myself, my energy and my feelings… seeing outside experiences as mirrors and reflections to how I show up and how I think - it helped me trust myself very deeply, love myself, and make me feel worthy to do the things that make ME happy. 

How can you show up for your inner wild woman? How can you let her out in ways that makes you feel ecstatically alive?


Untitled design.png



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Why the Phrase "Take care of yourself first" used to Trigger me

I used to be so triggered by people saying: “Fill up your own cup first! It’s so important to take care of yourself first!” 


I just didn’t understand what they meant? I was obviously already taking care of myself: eating right, making sure I was making money, buying nice things for myself… 


But something told me that they were right, and that I was triggered and frustrated because I clearly WASN’T doing this. I was living like this: waking up, working out, driving to work in lots of traffic, working all day, getting home as quick as I could, practicing yoga, cooking dinner, cleaning up, relaxing for a little bit, going to bed. Playing in the garden on the farm whenever I could. Making money, spending money on things I didn’t really need, all the while wondering why my life felt so stressed and tiring. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this lifestyle: I did have fun, worked with really cool people, was good at my job, and I simply did what I had to do at that time… 


But then I started tracking the Moon. 


Just the simple practice of checking in with myself daily, to see how I was feeling, and seeing what phase the Moon was in, made me AWARE. 


I learned that I could set intentions with the New Moon, and use the energy of the Moon to live a more turned-on life {and oh the Moon was just the beginning to that!}. I learned that I could tap into the phases of the Moon, to find my OWN phases and that they would always be there to nurture me and tell me what I needed in any given moment.


I didn’t want to live the daily hustle anymore, I wasn’t taking care of myself in the ways that I truly wanted to at all. 


I vowed to myself that I would not do this forever, and from there I started to make small changes in my life. I set intentions with the Moon, I kept on going with checking in with myself: what is it that I truly want? Truly need?


Some days that was not working out. Some days that was a longer yoga practice. Some days that was ordering a pizza instead of cooking dinner. Some days that was working longer hours on my VA business.


I wanted freedom. 


And now, I got it. 


I started working on the side as a Virtual Assistant, while keeping on applying the principles that I learned since I started with the simple practice of tracking the Moon: setting intentions, visioning, using gratitude to make me FEEL better, saying affirmations, putting myself out there, networking, magnetizing my first clients {that appeared to be coming out of nowhere!}, getting smarter about planning my days so I had more time for myself… Eventually, I was able to quit my job, and a year later here I am writing to you sharing my journey. 


Now, I understand about filling up my own cup first. The most important thing for me is to listen to myself, and TRULY listen, to what I need. How can I get into the beautiful vibe of gratitude and joy and happiness, in any given moment ~ and then proceed from there. Trust me when I say that even small household tasks like folding laundry are way less daunting when I come from that place. Things I HAVE {we all still have to do these things!} to do, feel more fulfilling because I AM fulfilled. It’s not so much about what I do or when…but HOW I do it and in WHAT state of being. Get it? 


To me, that is a big part of self-love and self-care. Being aware. Accepting of what is present in the moment.


And if you’re triggered, good, because that means you are becoming aware ;) 

Goddess Monday - Ishtar

Ishtar has been coming up almost daily over the last few weeks, so I guess she’d like her presence to be known ;) 

Ishtar is very mysterious to me. She is Sumerian. Or Babylonian? Or does she go by Inanna? Astarte? Or Aphrodite… Different names, different cultures, different origins, but the same face of the Goddess. Love, beauty, fertility, the physical, sensuality. She is lover, but also warrior. 

She is associated with passion and tantric sexuality. Everything in the universe is divine sexual energy…that is the basis of Tantra. As Psalm Isadora so beautifully explains: “Through breath, you are making love to the Universe.” 

She reminds me of our curves, our sensuality, the movement of our hips when we dance. Our curves are the contribution. They are the FLOW of the feminine. 

There are many stories about Ishtar. As lover, as warrior, as Bee Priestess {which I will create a separate series on soon!} ~ but she is asking me to leave this with you. How does she show up in your life? What message are YOU taking away from her presence? 

Ishtar is calling out to us to awaken and come alive. To feel ecstatically alive. To let Shakti flow freely through us. To be seduced by our senses and passion for what excites us. Her lion reminding us of the power that is within us all. Rawr! 

To dive deeper into your sensuality and release any blockages or resistance around being fully present in our bodies, you may like to sign up for my Self Worship Gift ~ that 3 videos, a workbook and a ritual worksheet (totally free).

Goddess Friday

I know we normally do Goddess Mondays…but today’s Goddess requires a post on Friday ;) 


Freya is the beautiful Norse Goddess who is known for her fondness of love, fertility, beauty, and material possessions… She is passionately seeking after pleasures and thrills, but she is also a ‘volva’ - a practitioner of Seidr - a form of Norse magic. Freya was the first one who brought this magical art to the gods and humans. 

Seidr is Norse magic and shamanism concerned with destiny and altering its course by re-weaving part of the web of life. This power was used for any parts of life. She knows how to work the Law of Attraction to get her desires, health, prosperity…not only for herself but for others. Her knowledge and power are almost without equal. 

In the Viking Age, the ‘volva’ was a seeress and sorceress who traveled from town to town performing acts of Seidr ~ shamanism. So basically a midwife, a wise woman, a witch…who was of course eventually feared, propitiated and scorned. Freya embodies this role. 

Freya’s animal is the Falcon. The Falcon represents being in your own power with feminine fierceness. How does that show up in your life? 

Do you also see the resemblance to Venus and Aphrodite? The Goddess of love, pleasure, sensuality…beauty of all that we are. 

The name Friday stems from Freya. And with that the beautiful story of Friday the 13th, the the day of the Goddess. Friday, the day of the Goddess of Love, and the number 13. 13 Moons in a year…13 cycles. So of course this was overshadowed, because this is the day of the feminine power. Let’s invoke Freya to bring that back into our lives. 


Goddess Monday - Gaia

The first Greek god was actually a Goddess…Gaia. Mother Earth. She created herself out of the void, out of the nothingness, out of the darkness. All life springs from her fertile womb, and all living things must return to her as well.

Gaia is our planet’s entire ecosystem and beyond, always achieving and maintaining harmony, wholeness, balance within the seemingly chaotic cycles. She heals, she nurtures and she supports. Everything depends on Her.

We can let ourselves be healed by Her. That is how we heal Her in turn. All medicine and healing can be seen as rebalancing of the entire ecology and consciousness. She wants us to feel Her underneath our feet, she wants us to feel Her slow pulsating heartbeat moving through our bodies, feel the wind, the water, the Sunshine, the Moonlight. Use our senses, slow down with her pulses and cycles. She is us and we are Her. And we are all One.

The ancient peoples of the Andes worshipped their own Gaia. They lived in tune with the Sun God Inti and the Earth Goddess Pachamama. The Moon, thunder, lightning, rain, rainbows…were powerful deities. In Inca mythology, Pachamama was the fertility Goddess who was in charge of planting and harvesting. She lived beneath the mountains, sometimes quivering the Earth with earthquakes. She was worshiped to bless the lands, to receive a bountiful harvest. She is one with the Earth, centered, calm, content. She brings grounding and centering.

What are some of the ways that we can let ourselves be healed by Gaia, and healing Gaia in return?

What came up for me is:

💚 Being conscious of what I consume and waste. A very powerful way for me to tune into this is knowing where my food, clothing and self-care products are coming from. Sometimes it is impossible. To me it is the intention that counts, I do what I can, make an effort. Every small bits help and it makes me feel so much better.

💚 If you can, grow some of your own food. You don’t only receive an abundance from Gaia in the form of food, but you also actively participate in the planting, weeding away, tilling the soil, getting your hands dirty with her nurturing blackness. You can even start with a few herbs on your windowsill. No pressure, just play!

💚 Work with nature to ground and center. There is so much to experience, so much to listen to when we simply sit down on our root chakra, directly on the Earth. Working with your root chakra, your womb and deep breaths during the day is a very powerful way to tune into that slow pulsing energy of Gaia.

goddess monday - gaia - maggieswisdomcircle

Goddess Monday - Persephone

Now that we are very slowly making our way into the spring here in the northern hemisphere…this time of the Wheel of the Year reminds me of Persephone. Her story so full of myths and messages.

Persephone is the presumably sweet daughter of Demeter and Zeus, and when she was a young maiden, the story goes that she was kidnapped by Hades, the God of the Underworld.

Persephone’s story is linked to explain the change of the seasons, the eternal cycle of Nature’s death and rebirth. Demeter was struck with grief at the loss of her daughter and to punish the Gods, she decided to take leave from her duties as the Goddess of harvest and fertility. The Earth began to dry up…harvests failed, plants lost their fruitfulness and there was so much misery.

Eventually, after a lot of Greek God drama, Zeus decided that Persephone would spend half of the year with her husband Hades in the Underworld, the months of Autumn and Winter.

The rest of the year with her mother, so that Demeter would bless the lands with harvests once more. Demeter would be so happy to be reunited with her daughter that this resulted in the Spring and the Summer months.

It was Persephone’s emergence from the Underworld that allowed crops to grow once again.

Venus has been ascending, ‘emerging’, from the Underworld since the beginning of the year, and Persephone’s story always reminds me of Venus’ descending into the Underworld (the planet not being visible for us on Earth), and ascending again as the Morning Star. Many ancient temples and pyramids all over the world are aligned with Venus (among other stars and constellations) rising from the Underworld as the Morning Star – marking a period of more sun light, harvests, abundance…

But back to Persephone.

Imagine the God of the Underworld…staring into your eyes. The pure, black darkness. There is no light without darkness, darkness is equally lovable. 

What if Persephone wasn’t kidnapped by Hades? What if she wanted that rawness, the skin deep primal ecstasy? What if their story is a story of true love, of honoring the Wheel of the Year, of the beautiful, necessary, almost erotic polarity of light and dark? Just saying

Persephone takes whatever is available...and alchemizes it into pure source energy. She turns the ashes of the "hellish realms" into gold, makes peace out of war, makes love out of hate. How does Persephone show up within ourselves?

You are allowed to be contradictory. How do you recognize that within yourself? How will you honor that?

persephone (1).jpg

Goddess Monday ~ Aphrodite

We start our Goddess journey with Aphrodite. Aphrodite was born from the ‘aphros’, meaning foam of the sea, birthed upon the island of Cyprus.

She is the Goddess of romantic love, beauty, sensuality. To me she is the alluring, abundant, luxurious Empress. The Empress is the Queen of the Tarot, bathing in luxury, abundance…I always think of rose-petaled baths, plump fruits, delicious healthy abundant foods. Using our senses and our sensuality.

It is said that Aphrodite had many lovers. To me, I see enjoying our bodies in that. Enjoying our senses. We are in a human body on this Earthwalk, and there is nothing wrong with pleasure and sexuality and being worshipped and loved – consciously.

Aphrodite is Venus.

The planet Venus makes the beautiful pentagram shape of the middle of an apple cut horizontally in the sky, moving from the underworld as the morning star to her full ascend, and then into descent again.



As I was feeling into Aphrodite and a sweet little ritual around her embodiment this week…I thought of the Apple. Let’s eat an apple (or other fruit) this week. But not just eating it.

As you cut the apple, feel your fingers on the tight skin. As you bite into the firm flesh, taste the tartness, the sweetness, the juice on your lips. Swallow the apple slowly, letting yourself feel the nourishment of it in your body. Let’s use ALL our senses. Be grateful for this beautiful abundant fruit in our lives, and our abilities to recognize Venus and Aphrodite in it, as well as our own sensuality and alluring abundance.

We can make eating an apple pretty sexy ;)

Another one of her symbols is the Mirror. I invite you to sit in front of a mirror this week, maybe light some candles or incense…and stare into your own eyes for a few minutes. I have made this a regular practice, and yes, it can be quite uncomfortable in the beginning. However, my experience is that it softens me. It softens the love for myself, the compassion for others. Try it and see.

What do you think of when you feel into Aphrodite? How can you honor her this week in your own ways? 


I redefined laziness and the importance of doing nothing

The Balance and Harmony between acting and doing nothing, and why it is so important in women's lives today

This Summer, I redefined laziness and the importance of doing nothing. It changed how I approach all aspects of my life. I felt like I was in an in-between state, knowing I am here to embody something bigger, but not knowing what that was or what that would look like yet. I had just signed up for Divine Feminine in Business with my beautiful mentor Beth, and we were laying the foundations. Finding our truths, our connection, our soul purpose so to say. But instead of going out there and finding it, you ask and receive.


So I did nothing. I spent hours and hours outside, meditating, dreaming, fantasizing, journaling, reading inspiring books, writing, talking to the Earth below me, the sky above me. And I didn’t feel guilty for it. Because, below the surface, this deeply nourished me, inspired me and stirred a deep trust in me, that even though we may not know what is coming, we are safe. Even though we are not doing anything, not taking action, we are still the same: we ARE. We can simply BE. Being without doing (and not feeling guilty of it) is a true primary necessity of life, especially for women.


In this doing nothing, I started recognizing the essence of my beliefs, my truth. The truth of love, light and darkness, being present. I believe in nature, I believe in the goodness of the universe, I believe in our own inner wisdom and cycles.


I started recognizing my own inner being more and more. Light and dark. Darkness is as much part of life as light, like the masculine and feminine, the Yin and Yang, the Sun and Moon, empty space and the filling of that space, nothing can exist without a polarity. Balancing out doing and being, see?


I started deeply feeling into the need to stop holding ourselves back, to stop suppressing our desires, our power, our connection. Once we overcome, realize that when we follow our own soul, there IS more to life. Our journey within is what I believe in. Seeing the sacred in E V E R Y thing. Darkness is not bad. It is crucial. It is through the darkness, the beautiful black void, the black whole, our inner core, our womb, that we learn to stay present in all that is. No matter what, dark or light, we are present and trust and surrender. We can simply BE. That way, we don’t have to look for something outside of ourselves to find what we are looking for. It means that we are already full, we don’t need anything outside of ourselves, and are one with everything. This was a game changer.


For so long I have looked for validation outside of myself. I still do it now. Am I good enough? Are you, dear reader, going to like me? What if I’m not needed? What if all of it fails? I don’t know how to share my gifts, how would others understand? I don’t know what I’m doing, who would listen to me?


This is messy.


But it is through THAT vulnerability, that we rise. Admit to yourself that you are holding yourself back, and you are able to transmute it. Acknowledge that the thoughts are there, and choose to not follow them. Change those thoughts, change them into power statements, change your attitude towards your life, yourself, your circumstances. Over time, it. Will. All. Transmute. It is a practice. I’m doing this right beside you. Start practicing your own truth, sister, let’s rise <3


We dive deeper into the balance and harmony between ACTING and DOING NOTHING and why it is so important, during the free 4-part Sensuality Embodiment, that you can sign up below! I’d be honored to witness your journey.

How I started with Tracking the Moon – My Practice

How I Started with Tracking the Moon

When I first started with the practice of tracking the Moon phases and my own phases, I didn’t know much about it. I had no idea that the light of the moon affects us that deeply and I never imagined it possible to be so in tune with her cycles, the cycles of nature, and, of course, our own INNER cycles.


Quick Moon Recap:
The Moon phase is about 29.5 days, so are menstrual cycles (approximately). The phases start in darkness, New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, Waning Moon and back to darkness. The Moon pushes and pulls the tides, the rise and fall of sea levels with her gravitational forces, together with the Sun and the rotation of the Earth.

Our bodies consist of 70% water – see how we are pushed and pulled by the Moon’s forces too?


So here’s what I did.


~ In my journal, I tracked the 4 main moon phases. For each phase, I would write down what that phase embodies and represent, so I would remember and could quickly go back to remind myself of it. I would complement this with seasonal musings or astrology, for example moving into the Spring – what does that mean for me? What does a lunar eclipse mean to me? What does the Moon in Scorpio feel like for me?


~ For each Moon phase, I would journal a little bit more about anything that came up right before moving into the next phase. See the questions below for some inspiration.


~ I meditated for 10 minutes every day. On Full Moons, the Moon would shine right in my bedroom window so I would meditate there, but usually it was just whenever I had time. I made it a point to meditate every day, I felt committed to it.


~ Every day, I journaled and wrote down how I was feeling. Sometimes I would just write down an emotion like “calm” or “frustrated” for the day. I also got started on a daily gratitude journal, and I have been practicing that on and off ever since (sometimes I get really into it and write it out, other times I just try to say some things out loud!)


The Moon Phases:

1. New Moon: new beginnings, setting intentions, dreaming, adventure, tapping into creativity and visualizations

2. Waxing Moon: movement and flow, increased energy, action steps towards intentions and goals. We are in the current of the moon’s energy: does it feel that way to you?

3. Full Moon: fertility, abundance, harvest, celebration, cultivate gratitude, offerings and gifts, ceremony, sisterhood, connections. What are you grateful for and how will you celebrate?

4. Waning Moon: reflection and rest, go inward, release what no longer serves your spirit and soul. Set boundaries, be careful to not let others or situations drain you.


I kept on reminding myself: what’s this moon phase for again? What should I focus on? What feels good? What was my intention – what can I do to nod to the Universe that I’m ready? How does this moon phase show up within me, and in my life? Can I see the signs and synchronicities all around me? Can I surrender and trust that things are happening below the surface?

Once I did this for a while, I started to get more familiar with the phases, what they mean, how it would show up in my life, and it was magical! Things started happening, I was manifesting, things came onto my path. I don’t know if it was just because I started tracking the moon and setting a few intentions for myself and what I’d like to see in my life, but I strongly believe in putting the intention out there and things will start shifting for you. Remember, each moon phase will be different: play!


We dive deeper into the Moon Phases and embodying them, during my free Sensuality gift that I created for you. You can receive access to 2 pre-recorded videos about the Dark & Full Moon, the Moon Phase Sensuality e-guide, and the Moon Embodiment Meditation below. 



What Does it Actually Mean to Embody the Moon?

Embodying the moon phases is not so much looking outward to the moon, but looking at your own phases within. Feeling into that within your core. Then living your life and proceeding coming from that stillness. 

Watch the video below for more <3 


If you haven't already checked out our online sacred temple space, you can do so here: Moon Goddess Wisdom Circle ~ I'd love to welcome you in and witness you on your journey! 


From Checking Off My Daily To-Do List to Presence in My Body

Maggie's Wisdom Circle


I remember practicing yoga one day, and I felt so tired of it. It was a couple of years ago, I had a corporate job, I was always rushing and always busy. Every day, I was simply checking off my to do list: getting to work, working all day, coming home, working out, doing some household chores, cooking dinner, cleaning up, and going to bed. I was hardly having, or making, any time for myself. This particular yoga practice, it felt like a chore. Just another daily something that I had to do to finish my day – because if I didn’t complete it, I would feel bad. I was so disconnected from me, my body, my soul, it was like I was being lived.

I remember being so much in my head, always thinking, always listening to the chatter. I had fun, don’t get me wrong. I planned my wedding, went on vacations, bought a farm with my husband, participated in local farmer’s markets. These are all fun things that I was very grateful for, but I wasn’t present. These things too, felt like something that needed to be completed. I worked on completing them, and moved to the next task at hand. I lived task to task, counting the days until the weekend, never able to relax on a Sunday because I was getting ready for the next week. I hated having plans on a Friday night, because it was the only night that I didn’t have to do anything. I literally marked off days on my calendar – until the next vacation, until the next ‘happening.’


So that needed to stop.


These 3 things happened almost all at once:


1.    I made a new friend at my job, who inspired me to start meditating again

2.    I don’t remember how or what, but I found an online course about the Moon phases, Tarot and Chakra’s. On the farm, we have always used a calendar to plant seeds by the cycles of the Moon and planets – why not for humans?

3.    I stopped taking the Pill and switched to another birth control with less hormones



Because of meditating, yoga became more of a sacred body practice and less of a chore. My mind chatter calmed down. I, very slowly, calmed down.


I started tracking the Moon. I started doing small Moon rituals for myself. Taking the time for me to dream, visualize, set intentions for ME, not someone else. And over time, it didn’t feel ‘weird’ or ‘awkward’ and it turned to be magical.


I started feeling into my body, my menstrual cycles (that were completely out of wack because of the hormones I was taking), I actually felt like I “woke up” in my body, the fog lifted, I lost the bloating that you can sometimes get from the Pill and started feeling way more comfortable in my body. I never felt really sexy or sensual, but I started to now.


Now, I am feeling more present in my body. I can sense my inner creativity better, I can sense the receiving and releasing. My intuition has developed, I am able to calm myself and the chatter in my mind down. I feel a strong connection to Nature, her season’s cycles. I am valuing the power of sisterhood, of sharing stories, of being present, of holding space for each other. I can feel the ancientness in my bones. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I howl to the Moon, sometimes I feel extremely down, sometimes I want to give up, sometimes I dance ecstatically, sometimes I feel so much joy my heart is bursting open, sometimes my sadness does the same thing. But my practice has become being present in ALL. OF. IT.


You don't need to have it all figured out <3 But we do need to come back to ourselves. If you haven't signed up already for the free 3-part video series where I talk about the moon phases, intuition, our feminine womb wisdom and more juicyness to get us back into our bodies and flow, please do if you feel called! It will connect you to YOU. 




Artemis - Maggie's Wisdom Circle


Before I was born, my parents already traveled a lot. On one of their trips to Greece, they purchased a beautiful image of Artemis. When I see it, I can feel the islands, the culture and the ancient history, it screams Greece and ancient Europe. I had never seen this image in my parents house until this year, when I was helping them clean up the attic and I found it. Now it is hanging above my desk.

When I was about sixteen, me and my family traveled to Turkey, where we often went on vacation. This particular trip, we visited Ephesus, an ancient Greek city build around a 1200 CE, if not older. Stories tell that Ephesus was founded by a tribe of Amazons, wild women, female warriors. The name Ephesus is believed to have been derived from “Apasas”, the name of a city in the “Kingdom of Arzawa”, meaning the “city of the Mother Goddess.”

I won’t get into the history of Ephesus, but it was ruled by Alexander the Great, taken over by the Romans, and finally the temples, schools and libraries were closed down when Christian religion started dominating this area. Women were reduced to second-class citizens and not allowed to teach men and children art and culture, or work independently.

It was here that I saw the Temple of Artemis. Mostly ruined, but still cool to see, mainly because of the whole atmosphere of this ancient place. Artemis was worshiped here, as the Great Mother Goddess.


Then Artemis came to me in a dream one day, a couple of years ago. It was around the Spring Equinox, and I was dreaming that I was walking in the woods with a strong, safe, masculine presence right behind me, it was dark. I saw a full Blood Moon, bright red, with the word “Artemis” written on it, and right after that a beautiful total solar eclipse. The dream sparked a ‘knowing’ in me, but I couldn’t figure out a clear meaning.


During the Full Moon and the Winter Solstice of that same year, I had a dream that I was getting married, in a completely black dress. There was no groom – I was getting married to myself. The previous dream was a subconscious trigger to that. That year was a year of transformation, transmuting, living according to my true passions, the start of creating a life that I want, living in accordance to Nature, and my own cycles. I chose me. Self-hood.


And it wasn’t until that dream that I FINALLY got the message and looked into Artemis and her ancient stories more. And as I looked into her, my Self, I discovered how I had been holding myself back to the extreme. How I kept my truth hidden. How I was so caught up in the daily hustle of working, doing, taking action, always more more more, and completely disconnected from my soul and my body. My thoughts were negative and ungrateful, I didn’t know what I wanted at all, but I knew I didn’t want what I was doing: working, going home, working out, cooking dinner and going to bed. Counting the days until the weekend and vacations.


Let us dive in.


Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the wild, of womanhood, nature as vast as she is, the female huntress, protector of the woods and the wild animals. She protects us women in our individuality and fierceness. She helped women deliver babies with her caring touch and feminine knowledge, but was fierce and wild when she wanted to. Running through the woods, howling to the Moon, being completely free.


The archetype of Artemis strongly resonated with me, and it still does, because she shows our feminine, nurturing side, but also lets us, and encourages us to, celebrate our inner wild woman. We can call upon her to find our inner wisdom, our aim, to have her help us arch our bow, aim our arrow towards the life that we desire, even if we are not quite sure what that is yet. The arrow is released to let the universe do its job and we surrender. It will guide us to wherever we need to be.


That is exactly what I have been doing over the last couple of years. Nurture and nourish myself, and letting myself be free. Taking care of myself first and foremost, tracking the Moon cycles to embody the cycles within myself, calming down the chatter of my mind by tuning into my heart and body. Whatever your intentions, dreams or goals, the embodiment of YOU is what will get you there. Let Artemis help you aim and surrender. Let Artemis’ arrow chip away the beliefs, patterns and thoughts that are holding you back from your inner wildness, your inner knowing, your inner nourishment. Even though I was still working, going home, working out, cooking dinner and going to bed, I was more present within my body. I relaxed into the knowing that this was not what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life, and I worked towards changing it, pursuing my desires, even though I didn’t quite know what that would look like. I surrendered and let the Universe help me. And it did. Nurturing and nourishing myself first and foremost, made my busy days more joyful, because it felt more like a purpose.

This is a practice, not an overnight miracle. It is tough, but we women are tough. Artemis is tough – she will get it, and never leave your side.


I invite you to call upon Artemis:


Artemis, please be present with me as I aim my arrow towards my desires, dreams, visions, however large or small. Arch your bow with me, and give me the strength to surrender, to let the Universe help me. Thank you, and so it is.

For more Artemis & to discover how her archetypes show up in your life, you may like the Priestess of Artemis course

How to Take Advantage of Mother Nature's Cycles

Everything on planet Earth, and everything out of planet Earth for that matter, is cyclic. Mother Nature moves in cycles through the days, months, seasons and years. Trees bloom, stand proud in their full glory, let go of their leaves and are still, until they are ready to be reborn again in the spring. Fallen leaves decompose and make the earth more fertile. Everything on the planet moves through their own cycle.

Mother Nature knows what she’s doing and there is a purpose for everything.

Winter may feel cold, dark and depressing to you, but there is a purpose. The purpose to surrender and rest. To get ready for something new.

Even though we would more often than not like to believe that things that are happening to us are constant, they are not, simply because we are part of nature. Events are not linear, but that is what we have been taught. Go to school, get a job, be a good person and then you die. It’s always seen as a line. But life doesn’t work that way, and it may make you feel stuck.

Just like nature, we have our own seasons and phases. It’s magical to live according to your own cycles, however it can also be difficult in modern society. We’ve been taught to do whatever society wants us to do, to act ‘normal’, to do what everyone else is doing... but aren’t we simply hiding our unique selves?

That ancient knowledge, the knowing of nature’s cycles and the magic of it, has been inside of me, and all of us, all along. And it wants to come out. We’re in a new age. The more you tap into this wisdom, the more you will feel inspired. For me personally, it also makes me feel other-worldly.

If this ancient wisdom is within us all, and has been within us all along, where did it go?

What have we been doing to lose the sense of living according to nature’s cycles?

Can we tap into it again?

I believe we can, if we take a step back and truly start to listen to ourselves. Look for mirrors, find out how life is reflecting back at you, look for the signs and synchronicities, and become an expert in you.  


How can this be translated to everyday, modern life?


  • Find a women’s circle. A group of like-minded women, a sisterhood, will make you feel so incredibly supported, and it will make you find yourself. It will make you feel stronger, more confident, more purposeful and more connected. Try it, even if it’s just once! This is a good place to start.

  • Do solitary rituals. I love doing moon rituals by myself, because I get to tune in to how I’m feeling and where I’m at in my life at that moment.  More coming on this soon! 

  • Keep track of the current moon phase, with an app for example. This ties into the previous tip, the more you tune into your body, the more you're aware of yourself and your needs. Try this

  • Feel into your cycles. You may be very inspired to create, or you may feel the need to rest and reflect before you move onto other things. This is your personal ‘season’ and therefore you can’t compare yourself to others - we are all in our own season. Tune in and listen. Nurture yourself first.  

  • Sign up here and receive love notes from me to inspire you to follow your truth and inner wisdom


May you find your cycle.

It Has Been Exactly 1 Year Since I Started Tracking the Moon. Here's What Happened

Last year, I was inspired by Moondaughter to start tracking the moon phases, when I signed up for her bundled Metaphysical Practitioner course. The basic idea is to check in with yourself daily. How are you feeling? How is your energy level? Do you have a ton of energy to burn and do you feel restless, or do you feel withdrawn and quiet? What do you feel you need? Do you need to rest? Do you need to dance?


Typically, this is what one Moon phase’s energy looks like:


  • New moon: feeling excited, new beginnings, setting goals, feeling refreshed and recharged, ready to take on the world

  • Waning Moon: increase of energy, motivation to get things done, working out feels good

  • Full Moon: trouble sleeping, clear visions and dreams, wanting to celebrate, or feeling totally drained, headaches, too emotional, longing for sisterhood

  • Waxing Moon: the need to let go, good time to clear energies, emotions, beliefs and even mundane things like stacks of paper around the house, energies are waning with the moon. Let go through cleaning up, dancing, yoga, brain dumping...

  • Dark Moon: there is no moon in the sky, your energies may be low, need to reflect, recharge, rest, detox, go within, shut yourself off from the world and relax


And then the cycle starts all over again. You can use these energies to really get some things done in your life. As you know, your feminine body, life and spirit is a cycle, not linear - and so you can use the cycles of nature to manifest, rest, go after your goals, and let the Universe help you while doing so, in its own divine timing.


Please note that it may feel completely different to you - you are in your own moon cycle, and it is up to you to listen to your body, and truly feel what is best for YOU. This is the hardest part for women - to listen! We are so used to a linear life, that we often do not realize we can accomplish so much more when we embrace our cyclic nature. 


Now that I have been tracking the moon, I can feel the cycles within me. Every New Moon, I feel more energetic, ready to set goals and accomplish things. Every Full Moon I feel it intensely and I’m in awe - I feel the need to run and howl with the wolves. Then, when the Moon wanes, I often feel the need to relax, reflect, and get ready for a new cycle and attract new things into my life.


The thing about the Moon cycles is that, once you get the hang of it, it becomes so magical.


For example, I started to notice that everything is truly connected.

Mother Nature wants to fill up empty spaces - that’s what she does. If you’re in a city, look around you outside and see where little plants pop up everywhere. If you’re in nature - just think about how many times you have to weed your garden!


You can mirror this back into your life and the waning moon: if you let go, physically, mentally or emotionally, the Universe wants to fill up those ‘empty’ spaces for you with new things! New experiences, more positive emotions, clothing that better suits your body - anything that you intentionally attract.

During the New and Waxing Moon, you can visualize your goals, you can create mantras, and you can take action steps to those goals. Truly try to find a balance between taking action, and trusting in the Universe to make it happen for you, in the best way possible. The Universe will deliver - it may not be exactly as you wanted to hoped for, but trust that it will be better than you could have imagined! Look for synchronicities, follow your intuition and gut feeling. And don’t forget to show gratitude, during the entire Moon cycle, and your everyday life.

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