The Year of Re-Emerging

2018 was a year of ups and downs. I’ve seen it in your stories too: a year of transformation, of setbacks, of growth, but also expansion, magic and joy. 

For me personally, it was a year of re-emerging. 

Where I felt the need to withdraw the last few years, now I feel more comfortable showing up again, for life, friends, my gifts, my intentions.

Where I thought I could do it all, and was ready to hold space, Kali Ma swept that away and made me go deeper into my Why. Why am I doing what I’m doing, why do I have these visions and desires? What’s the bigger picture? I had to dig deeper, and realize that these will always be ongoing questions. 

I’ve had my ultimate sheer panic, having no income moment, where now I feel so much better about money; as a beautiful gift that I get to let move through me. It’s now actually starting to be fun for me to pay off the little debt I have, save more and invest. 

I got to travel to Mexico, which had been a dream for a while. Through some setbacks but ultimately so much growth, I emerged myself in the Divine Feminine frequency that I found in the lush jungle, the waters, and within myself.

The underlying truth that helped me through these few things that happened for me (I have countless more examples besides these three): TRUST

We are all here wanting to experience life, born with a desire to breath the air on this planet. We didn’t have to do anything to prove that we are good enough and worthy enough to draw these breaths, right? We trust that the next breath will come after our exhales, and they do. Every time. 

It’s the same with life, with things we would like to see in our lives, with dreams, desires, intentions, wishes. When I started to trust more and more, in Source, the Universe, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, within and without - I didn’t need to DO more, or hustle, or take more coursers or certifications or work harder. In the deeper place of trust, I didn’t come from a place of lack, but from a place of fullness, because I trust in life a little more every day. 

And UGH, life is SO beautiful 🖤 

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