Goddess Monday - Ishtar

Ishtar has been coming up almost daily over the last few weeks, so I guess she’d like her presence to be known ;) 

Ishtar is very mysterious to me. She is Sumerian. Or Babylonian? Or does she go by Inanna? Astarte? Or Aphrodite… Different names, different cultures, different origins, but the same face of the Goddess. Love, beauty, fertility, the physical, sensuality. She is lover, but also warrior. 

She is associated with passion and tantric sexuality. Everything in the universe is divine sexual energy…that is the basis of Tantra. As Psalm Isadora so beautifully explains: “Through breath, you are making love to the Universe.” 

She reminds me of our curves, our sensuality, the movement of our hips when we dance. Our curves are the contribution. They are the FLOW of the feminine. 

There are many stories about Ishtar. As lover, as warrior, as Bee Priestess {which I will create a separate series on soon!} ~ but she is asking me to leave this with you. How does she show up in your life? What message are YOU taking away from her presence? 

Ishtar is calling out to us to awaken and come alive. To feel ecstatically alive. To let Shakti flow freely through us. To be seduced by our senses and passion for what excites us. Her lion reminding us of the power that is within us all. Rawr! 

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