Chiron: the Wound that Can't be Healed

Chiron in Greek Mythology, was a centaur: half man, half horse. His mother rejected him because of this. Apollo then came to the rescue, adopted the infant and schooled him in arts, science and mysteries… Chiron is sometimes depicted with bow and arrow, and it is said he was taught archery and hunting skills by Artemis. 


Chiron was accidentally wounded by Herakles in a battle. The wound was poisoned, incurable and Chiron was suffering an unbearable pain, so much so that he begged Zeus to make him mortal. He was willing to give up his immortality because of this wound. Zeus placed him amongst the starts as the Sagittarius constellation. 


Chiron in astrology shows our major life lessons. By looking at where Chiron is in our charts {find out here}, we can see our wounds that can sometimes feel very heavy ~ think of Chiron as the wounded healer. He was dealing with a lot of heavy energy and struggle in his life. Chiron shows our personal wounds, but ALSO the collective wounds. Wherever your Chiron is: this area of your life may feel super heavy because it is almost as if you are carrying the burden of the collective for it. It is not just you ~ and just by being aware of that it lightens the load. 


Chiron has been in Pisces since 2010 and through my own spiritual journey, I got intrigued by this asteroid and what it represents in my chart {I'm a Pisces Sun}. I recently received a Chiron-session from Rebecca Farrar from Wild Witch of the West. Through my own research, intuition, and working with this amazing archetypal astrologer {follow her work!}, I was able to shed so much light on this mysteriousness in my birth chart. 


Chiron is in my 1st house: the house of Self. Chiron weakens our sense of self. Combined with my Sun in Pisces and Moon in Libra - well... this is only amplified in ways that I concern myself about the other person instead of me. Major aha-moment!


Chiron in the 1st house can also show wounds that I don’t feel like I have a clear purpose. My purpose was obviously bringing the energy back to myself and inwards, and using my beautiful Pisces intuition and my KNOWING to be of deep service to others. #ownit


My Chiron is in Cancer. If all that wasn’t enough, Chiron in Cancer shows me fear of abandonment, where I have to mother myself, where I’m not yet meeting my own needs. This is why it feels so amazingly juicy and warm to work with the Great Mother energy, to let myself be embraced by all that is, by the Earth…working on my grounding and feelings of safety and support here on the planet. Through working with the Great Mother, I heal my sense of Self, as well. 


See how we naturally find ways to heal our Chiron wounds? 


There is no formula to healing the Chiron wound, because it cannot be healed. It will come back ~ though we can slowly be okay with it! Through accepting it, we show up as the wounded HEALER. For others, and ourselves. The wound is the medicine itself. Be with the wounds. There is nothing to be fixed, but we are being asked to be comfortable with the parts of us that feel uncomfortable. 


That is where the alchemy happens. 


The beautiful synchronicity here is that Chiron learned archery and hunting from Artemis. 


I learned to embrace my own wounds from Artemis. 


Through recognizing where I can love myself deeper, to aiming my arrow to where I want to go in my life ~ regardless of what others may be doing. Artemis helped me to choose ME, just like she always does for herself. 


That is why I created the 8 week Artemis Journey, to tap into the archetypes of Artemis. For her to help us see ourselves truly, to get back to the essence, and show up how we were TRULY meant to in the world. 



Where is Chiron in your chart? 


The sign Chiron is in represents the “what”, and the house represents the area of your life where this wound may show up the most. Here’s a helpful list from Wild Witch of the West


  • 1st house/Aries/Mars: Difficulty asserting oneself, issues around the way you feel perceived or look, sadness around not feeling fullest potential, lack self-confidence or identity, anger issues, health issues related to head
  • 2nd house/Taurus/Venus: Lack of self-worth, financial fears or difficulties, over-dependence  or fear associated with material comfort, issues of sexual abuse or affection, health issues related to throat/thyroid
  • 3rd house/Gemini/Mercury or Athena: Insecurity around intelligence or communication, speech impediments or dyslexia, not feeling heard, education/learning disabilities
  • 4th house/Cancer/Moon: Sadness around family  of origin, feeling orphaned, emotional wounding, abandonment
  • 5th house/Leo/Sun: Difficulty feeling self-expressed or creative, wanting to be center of attention and feeling afraid, shyness, afraid to shine
  • 6th house/Virgo/Mercury: Health feels impossible, analyzing how to feel whole, feeling that work doesn't matter, feel unable to function in day-to-day activities/life
  • 7th house/Libra/Venus or Astraea: Relationships seem to go wrong, difficulty finding oneself in relating to others or romantic partnership, feeling things aren't fair in relationship or you aren't treated well, putting someone else's needs above yours, dependency on others
  • 8th house/Scorpio/Pluto: Lack of meaning in relationships, power dynamics, death, loss, secrecy, manipulation
  • 9th house/Sagittarius/Jupiter: Religious or philosophical ideals wounding,  insecurity about beliefs or ethics
  • 10th House/Capricorn/Saturn: Difficulty  achieving goals, pain around status in society, proving ones worth through work or career
  • 11th house/Aquarius/Uranus: Disconnected from consciousness, taken for granted in group or organization, uniqueness or contribution not honored, feel uncomfortable in groups, rejected by groups
  • 12th house/Pisces/Neptune: Feeling irrelevant, feel more connected to universal or divine than humanity, stress or overwhelm, feel at odds with human experience

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