Embracing the Wild Woman

What Artemis taught me is that it is okay to embrace my inner wild woman. The one that longs for walking barefoot in the grass and feeling the mud between her toes. The one that longs to make a mess with paint brushes and then just goes on to make a mess in the kitchen. 


The one that playfully laughs at me thinking I need to be the ‘nice girl’ ~ because what truth can be expressed through that alone? 


My Wild Woman journey consisted mainly of honoring my darkness. The sacred darkness within me, that wants to play, dance, express, be sensual…


And the shadows as well: my shame, my guilt, my fear, my worry, my meanness, and hate. 


The beautiful thing is ~ through honoring the DARKNESS, and playing with her, I started to honor and embrace the shadows as well. 


What makes you feel uncomfortable? Dancing in front of the mirror in your underwear? Expressing what YOU want? Showing your creativity through words, art, food, ritual…? Being truthful about your fears? Learning something new, doing something new, BEING something new ~ your true self? 


Do it. 


Here are a few practices that helped me honor the sacred darkness within me, the sensual seductress Priestess who just wants to play and express herself. 


I wish I could give you a set outline of practices to do to tap into her. 


But you are on your own on discovering what that looks like for you ;) 


Be inspired.


1. Gaia

What personally helped me to tune into my inner Wild Woman, is working with the Earth. The other day, I walked barefoot through the grass and leaves, I sat down on the softness of the Earth {I try to do that every day}…and it helps me feel the wild Earth stirrings rise up through my body. It connects me deeply to all that is. It plugs me in, grounds me, nurtures and nourishes me. Release any fear, heaviness, insecurities, worries into the Earth, for it to be recycled with truth and the vibrant aliveness of her. 



2. Creativity

I never considered myself a creative being, though I have always loved creating things… Until I realized that we are in essence ALWAYS creating. We are always picking up on the potentials within us. This can be anything: painting, meals, writing, journaling, making an offer on your altar, saying a beautiful prayer, creating space in your home, creating an actual baby. Allowing creativity flowing through my life, and seeing what I create as a sacred act of my Shakti wanting to be expressed, makes me feel alive and juicy. 


3. Tantra

Healing my body through sensual energy and pleasure helped me tune into the darker parts of myself. There is a lot of energy stored in our pelvic bowls and at the base of our spines. Sometimes this can feel very heavy or stuck and that results in heaviness and stuckness in other {if not all} areas of our life. We can move that energy by breath {tantra is basically breathing and guiding energy}, but even dancing it out, heck, scream into a pillow if that’s what will release it for you! 

The good, sensual energy that is build up in our pelvic area can be raised and moved through our entire bodies through breath and touch. This generated a lot of love and acceptance and warmth for myself. It healed shame, guilt, unworthiness. It became easier to detach from the shadow side whenever she arises ~ simply starting to see that as a part of me that wants to be loved and accepted too. 

Something simple you could try is standing in front of a mirror and lovingly touch your entire body, very lightly, saying sweet words to yourself. Breath deeply the entire time. You can squeeze your yoni muscles as well to spread that juicy, turned on energy throughout your entire body if that feels good.


4. Gardening

So simple. Get your hands dirty. Grow a tomato plant in your kitchen window if you don’t have a garden. Getting your hands dirty, playing with plants, is nourishing. Even cooking and nourishing yourself through fresh foods and delicious healthy meals can ground you into this. Living on our small farm and playing with the Earth has tuned me deeper into the wildness and oneness of all things. 


5. Vulnerability

This is something I can work on more for myself too ~ being more vulnerable. Show up with an open heart, without expectations. 

I have been trying to keep on focusing my attention inwards and within. I noticed that throughout my life, I was very much influenced by what others were doing and this has been a big part of my journey: what do I want for ME?! When I keep focusing everything back to myself, my energy and my feelings… seeing outside experiences as mirrors and reflections to how I show up and how I think - it helped me trust myself very deeply, love myself, and make me feel worthy to do the things that make ME happy. 

How can you show up for your inner wild woman? How can you let her out in ways that makes you feel ecstatically alive?


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