3 Month Mentoring Program
to Sep 30

3 Month Mentoring Program

The 3 Month Shakti Embodiment Program is designed to help guide you through the process of coming home to yourself, and through what you will find when you journey that deeply within. Your inner wisdom is the foundation, and from there your gifts will be expressed naturally. By going within, your deepest fears will have the chance to turn into gold. And by doing this, you are automatically strengthening your intention setting, and creating your very own rituals and spiritual practices along the way.

Doing personal work in both a group or private setting {this program combines both}, with a coach, mentor or healer, can transform your life. This program is the result of my own journey of reclaiming my power, learning a new way of being, starting my businesses, balancing my inner feminine and inner masculine, healing of self-worth and being okay with my whirlwind of emotions. Now it is time for me to guide you.

You will receive:

  • 2 Monthly Group Calls

  • 2 Monthly 1:1 Sessions with Me

  • Unlimited Email + WhatsApp Support

By combining group calls with 1:1 support, you will experience what it is like to be connected to other women and share each other's stories and healing, while also being guided in your own unique journey and situation with private sessions that are all about you. The group sessions create a deeper connection to others, but also yourself. Another may share a story that you recognize yourself in, or have questions that you never thought of asking!

Because this is deep work, private mentoring is so important for your personal guidance. The group call topics are somewhat pre-set, so the private sessions are up to you what you want to work on with me! It is beautiful what we can unfold together. We will dive into what is going on for you, exactly what you need, what you want more of and what inspires you. It is important to me for each of us to be excited to spend time together co-creating your life in a magical, mystical way! You will also receive private email support with me, for questions, guidance, homework and regular check-ins.

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Goddess Archetype Workshop
4:00 PM16:00

Goddess Archetype Workshop

  • Verdure Day Spa & Wellness Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The Goddess has been worshiped throughout history, since the beginning of time. All over the world, the Goddess and the feminine has been celebrated, not just by women but by entire communities. But the Goddess has also been shunned, burned at the stake, depleted. And it is time to bring her back through us.
In this Workshop we will look at Goddess worship throughout history, but most importantly, we will discuss different Goddesses from different cultures and different parts of the world, to see how they all show up in our lives and within ourselves in one way or another. Bring a journal and a pen!

- Isis
- Artemis
- Freya
- Lakshmi
- Pachamama
- Lilith
& more.

Please feel free to bring your own Goddess stories, archetypes or imaginary as well.

This is a $20.00 per person Workshop and you must call the spa directly to prepay and reserve your space!

Reserve your spot HERE.

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Going Within: Live Masterclass
1:00 PM13:00

Going Within: Live Masterclass

Within you, there is an infinite source of creative potential.
Within you, there is sacred wisdom.
Within you, there is love.

Let’s go within.

In a culture that is very much focused on the external; outer beauty, achieving more, meeting goals and deadlines, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to acknowledge and live from what’s within us.

When we touch a place of deep emotion (perhaps a shadow emotion), we may feel unsafe to explore and heal. This is because as women, we’ve been conditioned to be “perfect” or “quiet” or “controlling our emotions.”

But does that feel nourishing, fulfilling and natural to us as women?

Join us, Denise and Maggie, we share with you what it is like to Go Within - into our bodies, into our hearts, where our true feminine center lies.

We’ll be sharing in this free masterclass:
✨What the feminine is
✨What tapping into the feminine looks like in daily life
✨The importance of going within
✨How to handle guilt or shame
✨The depth of our feelings and why they are our most valued gift
✨Why pain can be a beautiful thing

Register for the free Masterclass: http://bit.ly/GoingWithin

When we start going within and dropping deeper into the body, feelings will come up. We may feel guilty for simply being, we may feel bad and push ourselves to show up anyways, even when it doesn’t feel good. We may feel we’re being lazy or feel guilt or shame.

We are going to show you how to be in love with all your feelings. Because your feelings, any feeling, is truly a gift of the feminine and allows you to experience this life so richly.

Living from the feminine is a constant process of coming back into the body and we will be sharing our own personal stories about our journeys, but will also share easy, fun and simple ways to help you come back to this inner place of wisdom, that is YOUR feminine gift.

Maggie & Denise are modern mystics, healers, and Tantrikas. Committed to our own journey of the feminine, we love sharing the art of going within, exploring the shadow and celebrating the essence of the feminine.


Register for the free Masterclass: http://bit.ly/GoingWithin
You'll get the replay after Feb 16th if you can't make the call.

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Moon Workshop Follow Up Circle
4:00 PM16:00

Moon Workshop Follow Up Circle

All the women that attended the Moon Workshops will have a chance to dive deeper into the phases of the Moon. Maggie will answer any questions you have about intention setting with the moon, the moon phases itself, creating a moon ritual… We will go deeper in any of these topics.
We will discuss intention setting more, and go through a practice that will help set ‘goals’ in a much more feminine, softer way. We will become our own Oracle! We will talk more about cycles and how this affects everything in our lives - from our creativity to our internal realities.

This is a $20.00 per person Workshop and you must call the spa directly to prepay and reserve your space!

Reserve your spot HERE.

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Vision Board Workshop
6:30 PM18:30

Vision Board Workshop

Have you ever set strict new year resolutions or goals, and were not able to stick with them for too long? Do you feel drawn to setting intentions in a more gentle way, that leaves room for fluidity and surprises? Join us for our Vision Board Workshop! We will guide you through setting intentions that will be more motivating because they will be coming from your deeper self. What better way to start off 2019? 

Hosted by:
Maggie Burrows, coach & mentor and
Karen Dietrich , yoga teacher

In this workshop, you will:
- Craft beautiful intentions with the help of meditation and essential oils 
- Create your own Vision Board
- Experience what a Women's Circle is like
- Leave with ideas on how to work with these intentions in your daily life

Please bring
- 5 Intentions / visions / things that are important to you (on paper)
- Optional: Journal and pen, extra magazines, scissors, yoga mat
We will also supply glue, paint and other materials. If you would like to bring your own, please do!

Cost $30
5 people minimum (invite your friends!)
Please reserve your spot before December 26th by submitting your payment. Visit http://tranquilityyogacsy.weebly.com < click> Upcoming Events <scroll down to> Vision Board <click> Buy Now

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