I created something beautiful {and free} for you! It's a 4 part workshop series that will gently initiate you into feeling more deeply connected to yourself and your purpose. By embracing all of who you are, you will automatically align yourself with your Shakti, the powerful life force that wants to express herself through you. Enjoy! 

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in this workshop series, you will learn:


▷ What 'free will' really means and what your own unique free will actually wants 

▷ The difference between your shadow & sacred darkness 

▷ How to meet and honor your inner Dark Feminine & why this is important

▷Short & sweet (and simple) practices to play with anywhere & anytime. They are designed to create a deeper connection to yourself & your body, that will help you embody your future intentions/visions to magnetize them quicker 




▷ 3 videos (about 10-15 minutes each) on: Shakti, the Dark Feminine & Tantra

▷ PDF workbook with in-depth explanations, homework and practices

Bonus: Self-Worship Ritual Sheet to tie allll this together 


“It is amazing to me how just a couple of things have given me a boost in confidence AND I have been feeling pretty too which is kind of new and different for me! I downloaded the ritual bonus and played with that over the weekend... I really liked that. Thank you for sharing all of this with the world.” - Bobbi 


With love,